Steak Oscar!

I’d never heard of Steak Oscar until a couple of days ago, but we gave it a bash tonight and wow – lucky ol’ Oscar!

According to The Austin Artisan, Oscar II, King of Sweden in the 19th century, was known to fancy a top notch cut of veal, topped with crab meat, butter sauce (usually bearnaise or hollandaise sauce) and two (count ’em) spears of white asparagus.

It’s possibly his greatest contribution to humanity – though he was also “a poet, the founder of the world’s first open-air museum, and a sponsor of many Arctic expeditions (he even has an entire area of glaciers named after him, “Oscar II Land” to be exact)”.

Over time the veal was swapped out for steak, and sometimes – if you’re feeling REALLY decadent – the crab can be upgraded to lobster for one helluva ‘surf n’ turf’! Either way, it’s a pretty amazing dish and frankly…

…where has it been our whole lives?

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